Taking a second look

Costello, Joy want Holyrood council to revisit mineral exploration permit

At least two Holyrood councillors are calling on their colleagues to revisit the issue of an access road the town approved some time ago for a mineral exploration company wanting to explore the wilderness area south of the town.

Councillor Jim Joy called attention to an e-mail all councillors received pertaining to the Big Triangular Pond project, which the Supreme court has cleared to proceed without an environmental assessment.

A group of concerned citizens, including some in Holyrood, who are opposed to the Eagle Ridge Resources project, have been lobbying the province and the town to stop it. One of their arguments is that the proposed 11-kilometre access road will lie within a future watershed area for the northeast Avalon.

“There are some specific points (in that e-mail) that need to be addressed by council,” said Joy.

Councillor Kevin Costello agreed. “We definitely need to have those discussions soon,” said Costello. “There are definitely some things we need to talk about and get alignment on with each other and hopefully make sure the proper environmental safeguards are in place if that project is to proceed.”

Posted on November 26, 2018 .